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Bill Flanagan-interview: Het interview met Bill Flanagan dat onlangs op Dylans website werd gepubliceerd is op de website van Humo - tegen betaling - in een Nederlandse vertaling te lezen, zie hier. [met dank aan Bart]
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Vandaag 20 jaar geleden, op 5 april 1997 overleed de dichter Allen Ginsberg. Die avond speelde Bob Dylan tijdens een concert in Moncton "Desolation Row" en zei: "A friend of mine passed away, I guess this morning, that was one of his favorite songs, poet Allen Ginsberg."

Newt Gingrich Declares War on "McGovernik Counterculture"
by Allen Ginsberg

Does that mean war on every boy with more than one earring on the same ear?
against every girl with a belly button ring? What about nose piercing? a diamon in right nostril?
Does that mean more plainclothesmen high on LSD at Dead concerts?
What about MTV--no more Michael Jackson, no Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues? Yoko & John no more Give Peace a Chance
Will there be laws against Punk, Generation X, the Voidoids, Slackers, Grunge?
Blues, Jazz, Bebop, Rocknroll? Where did it get countercultural?
What about Elvis' Pelvis? Sonic Youth dumbed, Cobain's screams banished from Nirvana?
No more grass on college campuses, Mushrooms stomped to death by the Elephant Party?
What about African-Americans? That's a terrific Counterculture, & what about the Yellow Peril, Chinese Restaurants? New Age Cooking? Is Japanese Sushi too much Zen?
Sitting meditation, that be frowned satanic in Congress? Tai Chi, Tai Kwando, Karate, Martial Arts? Ballet? Opera, La Bohème ?
Don't mention us cocksuckers?! Is eating pussy countercultural? Sappho, Socrates, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Proust in or out the canon?
J.E. Hoover's name wiped off FBI granite in the Capital?
Poetry slams, is poetry countercultural, like a Third Party?
Is ecology pro or counter culture? Astronomy determining the Universe's age & size?
Long hair, relativity, is Einstein countercultural?

January 1995

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