Bob Dylans tip

Bob Dylan: "I got a friend who wrote a book called One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding. I don’t know if it’s been around Chicago, but it’s about this straight A college kid, y’know, fraternity guy and, er, a Negro prostitute and it’s got two dialogues in the same book. One dialogue in one chapter and the other chapter follows with, er... this is exactly what he’s thinking and what he does and the next chapter is her view of him, and then the whole book..."
Studs Terkel: "Yeah, I heard of this book..."
Bob Dylan: "This guy, Bob Gover wrote it and, er... that would explain a lot too... that’s one of the hip, more hip things nowadays, I guess, besides, I mean, it actually comes out and states something that’s actually true, you know, that everybody thinks about where, where, I don’t know if the feller that wrote in this letter was thinking about the crusades in, er... this guy who wrote it, you can’t label him, y’know, he’s unlabelable. He’s a, that’s the word, you understand what I mean."

Bovenstaande komt uit Studs Terkels interview met Bob Dylan van april 1963. Ik heb One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding gelezen, al weer een tijdje geleden. Het is een schitterend boek. Een aanrader.

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