Sid Griffin - Shelter from the storm [aanvulling]

N.a.v. onderstaande stuk over het boek Shelter from the storm ontving ik onderstaande e-mail van Patrick, met dank!

Dag Tom

Ik wil toch even reageren op je stukje over Sid Griffin’s boek.

Dat de drums op Hard Rain opnieuw ingespeeld waren is niet echt een geheim. Don Meehan, de geluidstechnicus tijdens de Desire sessies en de live opnamen van de Rolling Thunder Tour, verklapte dit in december 2004 op het Pro Sounds Web Forum.

"[The]"Hard Rain" album was recorded in Fort Worth, Tulsa, and Fort Collins (with video) on Brian Ahern's (Emmylou Harris' then husband) Enactron Truck from L,A., one of the 24 track machines didn't record all the drums and we overdubbed them in New York in Studio E (in the drum booth). Like when I overdubbed the BG voices on Hard Rain myself, because of all the leakage, and if you listen close you will hear me sing "Play upon my big brass band," instead of, well you know...”

In dit verband heft hij nog meer interessants te vertellen:

“Devito told me that Dylan never does encores and how I finally convinced Devito to run out from the truck and tell Dylan that these people were in the rain for hours during the concert at Fort Collins and wouldn't stop cheering, and that he had to do an encore, which turned out to be "Hard Rain."



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